40 DAYS 2017


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    Day 1. Disabling Personal Anti Solution Mechanism
    Day 2. Expelling The Anti-Solutions From The Foundation
    Day 3. Wasting Church Hold Wickedness Sitting On Solution
    Day 4. Cutting Down Environmental Anti Solution Secrets
    Day 5. Destroying The Devils That Hate Solution In Diadem
    Day 6. Battling Human Beings Sitting On Solution And manifestation
    Day 7. Uprooting Anti Solution Mountains
    Day 8. Father Show Me Why There`s No Solution And Manifestations
    Day 9. He That Openeth And No Man Shuteth
    Day 10. He That Shuteth And No Man Openeth
    Day 11. Breaking The Dream Embargoes
    Day 12. War Against The Powers That Doesn`t Want my Situation To Change
    Day 13. The God That Rules In The Affairs Of Men
    Day 14. Money Shall Not Fail In My Life
    Day 15. Your Expectations Shall Not Fail
    Day 16. Supplies Of Life`s Sustenance Shall Not Fail
    Day17. Your Health Shall Not Fail
    Day 18. The Promises Of God Shall Not Fail In My Life
    Day 19. Your Destiny Shall Not Fail
    Day 20. Your Value And Worth Shall Not Fail
    Day 21. The Faith That Brings Solutions
    Day 22. Uprooting The Terrible Powers Sitting On All The Covenants We Made With God In Diadem
    Day 23. Secrets Rendering Our Covenants With God Powerless
    Day 24. Visiting The Past Unfulfilled Covenants, Promises, Prayers And Prophecies
    Day 25. Destroying The Weapons That Scatter Solution And Covenants
    Day 26. Inviting The Strong And Mighty Into The Battle
    Day 27. Rekindling The Fire On The Altal OF Covenant
    Day 28. Serving God With A Scattered Mind
    Day 29. The Tabernacle Of God With Men
    Day 30. The Pilfering Agents Assigned Against The Solutions
    Day 31. Sinking The Hell That Broke Loose
    Day 32. Cutting Off Those Who Trouble Your Solutions And Manifestations
    Day 33. Wasting The Enemy That Reap What You Sow
    Day 34. Cry For The Secret Key Of Solutions
    Day 35. Persevering At The Altal Of Solution And Manifestation
    Day 36. The Power Of Unfettered Solution
    Day 37. When Faith Mingled With The Spirit Of Solution
    Day 38. Spirit Of Solution Vs Blockages And Delays
    Day 39. You This Year Manifest Me By Force
    Day 40. In The Last Day Of The Feast