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    Day 1. Attacking The Legal Ground Of Darkness
    Day 2. Purging Of The Body
    Day 3. Purging The Soul & The Spirit
    Day 4. Purging Of The Homes
    Day 5. Let The Fire Fall
    Day 6. Purging The Church
    Day 7. Lord Show Me The Secrets
    Day 8. Killing Skin To Skin Wickedness
    Day 9. Strangers Shall Fade Away
    Day 10. Killing Stubborn Human Enemies
    Day 11. Killing The Love For The Enemies
    Day 12. Battle Against The Scrapyard Of Darkness
    Day 13. Deliverance From Wicked Archers
    Day 14. Power Against Enemies Holding Your Blessings
    Day 15. Battering Invisible Wall & Gates
    Day 16. Delay Must Die
    Day 17. Suffer A Witch Not To Live
    Day 18. Killing The First born Of Your Stubborn Enemies
    Day 19. The Power Of Altars
    Day 20. Fishing & Catching Nothing
    Day 21. Miracle Of Debt Cancellation
    Day 22. Immigration Miracle
    Day 23. Healing For The Body, Soul & Spirit
    Day 24. Healing For Your Labour
    Day 25. Miracle Of Abundant Life
    Day 26. Wisdom To Possess Territorial Wealth
    Day 27. Marriage Miracle
    Day 28. Financial Miracle
    Day 29. Trashing The Rewards & bounty Of Darkness On Your Head
    Day 30. Bringing Down The Altar & High Places Of Darkness
    Day 31. Battle For Territorial Wealth
    Day 32. Battle Against Cobweb
    Day 33. A Day Of Unforgettable Miracles
    Day 34. Battle Against Hatred
    Day 35. Battle Against Non Achievement
    Day 36. Appropriating The Promises Of The Father
    Day 37. The Unstoppable Manifestation
    Day 38. Operation Final Mop Up
    Day 39A. What Would You That I Should Do For You
    Day 39B. The Gifts Of God
    Day 40. Raising The Altars Of Appreciation