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    1 Dealing With Murmuring That Prolong Settlement And Establishment
    2. Killing The Anti Prayers Infirmities
    3. Battle Against The Wrecking Ball of Darkness
    4. Aborting God`s Settlement Plan Yourself
    5. The Angel Of Settlement & Establishment
    6. Uprooting Blockages & Delays to Settlement & Establishment
    7. Unending Foes Of Settlement And Establishment
    8. Terminating The Distress Of Life
    9. How Long O Lord Will The Wicked Triumph?
    10. Removing The Anti Settlement Idols
    11. Access To God`s Power House
    12. Deliverance From Destiny Stagnation
    13. Access To God`s Treasure House
    14. Uprooting The Nations Occupying Your Promise Land
    15. The Cost Of Freedom
    16. Killing The Anti Settlement Spell And Bewitchment.
    17. Defeating The Conspiracy Against Your Establishment
    18. Partnering With God For Your Settlement
    19. Killing The Snake Living In Your Promised Land
    20. Locked Out Of the Promised Land
    21. Feeling Like Being Tied Down
    22. Mysteriously Tied Down In Secrecy
    23. Overcoming The Promised Land Aborter
    24. Uprooting In order To Plant Me
    25. Strive For Divine Rest
    26. God`s Table Of Blessings Even Before The Enemies
    27. Comprehensive Destruction Of The Enemies Of God`s Promises
    28. Zeal And Jealousy Of God Fight For My Settlement!
    29. Enemies God Will Not Allow You To Destroy
    30. Avenge Me Of My Wasted Years
    31. Killing The Anti Settlement Witchcraft
    32. Crying For Financial Settlement & Establishment
    33. Princely Wrestle With God For Your Settlement
    34. Princely Battle With Man Over God`s Promises
    35. Princely Battle With Spirit Over You establishment
    36. Fighting In The Heavens, Earth & Waters For Your Settlement
    37. Fighting Against Secrets & Unknown Mysteries For Your Settlement
    38. A Night To Be Left Alone With God
    39. I Will Not Destroy The Most Precious Things In My Life
    40. Settled And Established Under Open Heaven