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    Day 1. I Refuse To Fast & Pray For Forty Days In Vain
    Day 2. The Ferocious Sword Of The Warrior
    Day 3. Deliverance From Wicked Legions (4 CDS)
    Day 4. I Beheld Satan Fall Like Lightening From Heaven
    Day 5. Deliverance From Yourself
    Day 6. Deliverance From The Spirit Of King Saul
    Day 7. Deliverance From Stagnancy & Backwardness
    Day 8. Deliverance From Poverty & Penury
    Day 9. Killing The Cruel Slave Master
    Day 10. Killing The Wicked Door Keeper Call Anger
    Day 11. Deliverance From Patch Patch Life
    Day 12. Frustrating The Desperation Of Darkness
    Day 13. Darkness You Can Not Quench My Light & My Fire
    Day 14. Killing The Irresistible Power Of Seduction
    Day 15. Battle Against Deception
    Day 16. Crushing The Chariot & Their Rider
    Day 17. Snatching Your Life From The Control Of Darkness
    Day 18. Deliverance From The Idols Of The Heart
    Day 19. Ferocious Battle For Your Finance
    Day 20. Killing Satan`s Representative In Your Life
    Day 21. Butchering The Human Beings Sitting On Your Prayers & Blessings
    Day 22. Disabling The Automatic Accusation Mechanism
    Day 23. Crushing Human being Accusing You Before God
    Day 24. Cutting Off Satan?s Accusing Voice
    DAY 25. Being Freely Justified
    DAY 26. Rather Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees
    Day 27. Thou Preparest A Table Before Me
    Day 28. Rain Of Blessing Fall On Me
    Day 29. Divine Help For The Helpless
    Day 30. Killing The Enemies Of Your Enjoyment
    Day 31. Experiencing God`s Miraculous Increase
    Day 32. The Power Of Vision
    Day 33. God Still Answers Prayers
    Day 34. Dealing With The Anti-Manifestation Power
    Day 35. The miracle of Unblockable Breakthrough
    Day 36. Miracle Of Speedy Manifestation
    Day 37. Killing The Church Robbers
    Day 38. It Shall Be Even As It Was Told Me
    Day 38. What Would You That I Should Do For You
    Day 39. Tapping Into The Booming Economy Of The Nation
    Day 40. If You Forsake Him He will Cast You Away Forever