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    Day 1. Unleashing The Darkness Conquering Light
    Day 2. Battle Against The Flood Of Darkness
    Day 3. Attack & corrupt The Global Network Of Darkness
    Day 4. Storming The Headquarter & Control Room Of Darkness
    Day 5. Killing The Serpent Of Darkness Changing To Human Beings
    Day 6. Overcoming Human Beings Who Fellowship With Darkness
    Day 7. New Year Message (2013)
    Day 8. Frustrating The Plan & Agenda Of Darkness For 2013
    Day 9. Praying Against The Operation Of Darkness In The Universal Church Of Jesus Christ
    Day 10. Breaking The Back Bone Of foundational Darkness
    Day 11. Refusing To Be Dominated By Darkness
    Day 12. Fighting Your ways Out Of Obscurity
    Day 13. The Violent Take It By Force