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    Day 1. The First Month Of The Year To You
    Day 2. Wrestling To Control The Years Blessings
    Day 3. Dealing With The Enemies Within
    Day 4. Clearing The Dark Congestions In the Heavens
    Day 5. killing The Attackers Of The New Year Prophecy
    Day 6. Enablement To Maximally Harvest Next Year
    Day 7. The New Spirit Of God For The New Year`s Blessings
    Day 8. Attacking Darkness With Failure
    Day 9. Killing The Deities Behind Global Occultism
    Day 10. Battle Against Occult Sacrifices
    Day 11. Favour To Take The Year Month By Month, Week By Week & Day By Day
    Day 12. Vehemently Blocking Calamities In The New Year
    Day 13. Decimating occult competitors
    Day 14. Message Of The Year 2015